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Workflow Variables


In workflows there are multiple variables that are passed down to the built in parser. In mailscript we use handlebars to allow you to substitute text in for processed variables. If you are unfamiliar with handlbars I'd suggest you read up on it here

Some example handlebars syntax

My subject is {{subject}}

Assuming the variable subject is not undefined and defined as "did you receive my email?"

The processed output would look like: "My subject is did you receive my email?"

Available variables

We provide a couple of different out of the box variables, which can be used in the body section of the action in your workflow. These variables will be available regardless of what integration, or trigger is used. Additional variables may be supplied depending on what integration is used.

Name Description
msg.text Body of the email in the pipeline
msg.html HTML body of the email
msg.subject Subject line of the email
msg.attachments List of attachments in the email

YML Example

This example was taken from the annotated workflow example

CLI Example

Or, if you are using the CLI:

Forwarding an email

mailscript actions:add --subject="{{msg.subject}}" --text="The body of the email is {{msg.text}}"

Sending a SMS message Note: This will require you to verify the sms number used ahead of time or this will not be able to receive SMS messages upon execution of the action.

mailscript actions:add --sms=1235555000 --text "The body of the email is {{msg.text}}"