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The Mailscript cli allows you to use your local machine, or a server, as an output for an action in a workflow.

Using the mailscript daemon command you can run a local daemon that will execute a script you specify as part of a workflow and in response to an email.

Setting up a daemon

First register a new daemon action:

mailscript actions:add --name "action name" --daemon "daemon name"

We can now include the daemon in a workflow:

mailscript workflows:add \
  --name "workflow name" \
  --trigger "trigger name" \
  --action "daemon name"

Any email sent to the input and that matches the trigger, will be forwarded to the daemon listening on the daemon name action. To setup such a daemon run:

mailscript daemon \
  --daemon "daemon name"
  --command "cowsay \$subject"

The command parameter specifies the shell script to run when the workflow sends an email to the daemon action, in this case the cowsay utility. The contents of the email are made available through the $subject and $text environment variables. The complete email object as json is passed as a string to $payload. The command will be executed each time an email is received.