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Welcome to the Mailscript documentation

Mailscript brings the best features of bots and smart contracts for email.

Use our free API and CLI, in any language. No complicated setups.

Example use cases

  • Setup and route your companies email addresses based on a yaml file. See mailscript sync:export --path my-email-infra.yml for how to setup email infrastructure as code.
  • Redirect engineering emails based on a schedule over the holidays. Mailscript workflows allow your team to edit the flow of emails in your company in one place.
  • Integrate that weekly csv reporting email - you know the one, it comes in every week on an email as an attached csv file - it needs to be downloaded, parsed through a cleanup script and uploaded in the company reporting database. Use mailscript daemon to automate the task away.
  • Auto-provision a new employees email address based off the Github event “Added to Team”, take a look at our Github actions integration.
  • Setup the “New Features” weekly email for your app. Sync the app's user list to a Mailscript mailing list with our api, then setup a workflow for the sales team to push the latest features out to the list.


Learn about the different technologies that make-up Mailscript:


Getting started is as easy as yarn global add mailscript


It is possible to integrate Mailscript's services directly into your own projects. To do so you can interact with the API directly. The API was built using the OpenAPI Specification which allows developers to interact with the underlying abstractions directly.

You can use the following API definitions file: and we also offer a playground to try the API here:

Take into consideration that these two endpoints work with production code, so any updates you submit will update your account's configuration.

SDK Clients

Coming soon. We will be offering sdk clients that implement object wrappers on top of the API. Developers will be able to import/require these libraries directly into their codebases to start using Mailscript.


Read our templates on setting up your infrastructure and automations with Mailscript in GitHub.

Pipe email attachments to an endpoint

Setup the first step of a pipeline with data from email attachments: attachments to webhook.

Manage your email infrastructure

Version control your email infrastructure and setup a continuous integration process whenever you submit changes: email infrastructure management.

Auto-reply to first time senders

Let first time senders know you'll get back to them: auto-reply to first time senders.

Escalate notifications

Send an sms text message when the important messages arrive: [two alert messages in a minute to send sms](

Send messages to your team channels

Notify your discord/slack channels when something needs their attention: run failed to discord #channel.

Setup shared addresses for your team

Setup a group of employees to receive messages directed to an address and have them all be able to reply from such address: shared address for teams.


Join our public Discord, visit our GitHub, follow us on Twitter, and check out the Blog!